Superconscious was birthed from a desire, will and imagination to empower all those who wished to know themselves more deeply. Superconscious invites all people at this time to join the community of like minded individuals interested in empowering themselves to create a life worth living and in turn creating a world worth living in.

As I mention in the video I have being on a mission for truth since I was a teenager. I discovered my soul's mission was to empower through teaching/healing and exhilarate through art. (Check out the resource page for tips on finding your purpose). My mission has being a light which has guided me on many amazing adventures in inner and outer worlds. I have studied with mentors all over the world in sacred sites and sitting around in humble lunge rooms. I  have exhibited artworks in Australia and Overseas and am currently directing my first feature length documentary - Women of Heart: The Untold Story of the Heroine's Journey.


Creating art is extremely fulfilling. I am equally as passionate about sharing knowledge and tools. I am a certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Metaphysical Teacher. My studies included Anthroposophy (Cert. IV from Parsifal college) - this is the qualification for teaching in Steiner Schools, Tibetan Buddhism (mentored by a master lama), Hypnotherapy (National Guild of Hypnotherapists), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Universe), Master Metaphysical Teacher Training (Inpowered Living Paul and Jaylee Balch), BABed Hons in Film, Theatre, English) (UNSW), Grad Cert. in Documentary (AFTRS). 

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