Emotional Freedom

Techniques Workshop

Join me for 3 hours to learn The Emotional Freedom Techniques.

This is a by-donation community event.

The Emotional Freedom Techniques is a universal healing aid that:

* Combines Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Exposure Therapy and Tapping on the ends of meridians (Acupressure)

* Is phenomenally effective and backed by empirical studies

* Effective for physical and emotional ailments including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD and phobias

* Enhances performance in a range of fields

* Creates feelings of peace and emotional freedom

The techniques are based on new discoveries regarding the body/mind energy system. It involves tapping the meridian points of the body in a sequence while tuned into an emotional or physical issue to dissolve the disruptions.

You will learn how to use EFT on yourself in this 3 hour workshop. Like oral care you can easily brush your teeth but for a root canal you would go see a dentist. For optimal benefit from EFT, you need to know more than just where to tap. For serious issues such as abuse, phobias, trauma and chronic diseases, you need to consult a trained EFT Practitioner as there is an ‘art’ in delivering EFT.

I specialise in helping clients to heal significant trauma. I have supported many clients dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, surviving child sexual abuse, domestic violence, overcoming phobias and eating disorders. I also helps people with emotional pain from relationship issues, accidents and grief. EFT can also be used to improve performance and I have helped writers, actors and athletes using this powerful tool.

I am an EFT Universe Certified Practitioner with 6 years experience (15 years in the healing / self development field) who has utilised EFT to help hundreds of clients release stress and experience personal peace.

I am super excited to share 3 hours with people on their healing and self knowledge journey to get to know more about yourselves and learn a new tools to heal, balance and free yourselves from stress and related dis-ease.

Questions? ask@superconscious.com.au

These workshops are monthly online and when permitting back in person. 

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