Spiritual 'push ups'

Exercises to strengthen your mind, heart and will.

Wait Three Seconds

Watch Your Thoughts

We can either respond or react to the stimuli in our lives. An obvious reaction is when we are having a 'bad day' get cut off in traffic and swear. It's a 'knee jerk' a button gets pushed and in a spilt second we react. This example esculates when we react with anger to a loved one, especially if that loved one is a child.

Responding is when we create a pause, a space, so that we break the circuit, the conditioned programming (from childhood), where we first learnt to get angry to control or for revenge. How can you create a pause? How can you train yourself to automatically have a buffer or filter between stimulus and action?

WAIT THREE SECONDS for 21 days before you take action to any stimulus. Phone rings, wait three seconds before picking it up, someone asks you a question, wait three seconds before answering, you smash a plate, wait three seconds before cleaning it up, you get cut off wait three seconds. If you complete this process with discipline you will have created a habit of responding rather than reacting. That small space is a world of possibilities where you invite your true self (not the bundle of programming) to make a CHOICE. 

Choice is free will and an enormous gift of human life. Choice to respond, choice to apply this exercise, followed up by many decisions to support the choice to grow and steer the direction of your ship, rather than being blown about by the winds and the tides of other energies.

For ten minutes a day (set a timer so you won't be concerned with how much time has passed) sit in a quiet place where you will not be distracted and allow your thoughts to float through your mind. Set the intention for you to be a passive watcher being in a neutral state of mind. As you do this you will become aware of how you judge, criticise, analyse, rationalise, intellectualise and justify your thoughts but do it being neutral. Just be in a state equivalent to watching TV late a night and an advert comes on you have seen many times, you are aware of the advert although you are not engaging in it or associating with it in any way and at the same time aware being neutral. This is the first step to go beyond the conditioned mind and awaken your higher intelligence.

Wheat Field

Clarify Your Soul's Purpose

Are you running as fast as you can but not sure it’s in the right direction? Would it be helpful to be as clear on your soul’s mission?



I used to feel so confused about which career path to put all my energy into. I loved performance art, film making, teaching, writing, and healing. I wanted to do it all but I was worried if I spilt my focus and juggled too many balls I would drop them all…


I was also anxious that I didn't know what I 'should' be doing. How was I best to be of service? What was my purpose? With so many choices and opportunities with varying degrees of difficultly and investment required I felt paralysed by indecision.


As part of my research during a 9 month course that was preparing for a larger 3 week retreat I came across some techniques for finding out your soul's purpose.


When I completed the exercises and defined my purpose (to exhilarate through art and empower through teaching/healing), I could breathe a big sigh of relief! I felt like a weight had being lifted off my shoulders. I now have compass to make decisions confidently. I find all my work so fulfilling with the satisfaction of knowing I am walking my path!


I created a simply process that you can follow. In 6 easy steps it guides you to get super clear and in only 20 minutes clarify your soul's purpose and have your mission statement!! How cool is that?


Email me for a copy of the guide to Clarifying Your Soul's Purpose julia@superconscious.com.au

Relaxation meditation. Stress is at the root of many diseases. Take a preventative measure and enjoy this relaxation meditation.

Relaxation Meditation - Julia Landrey
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