Self Mastery Immersion

A 7 week transformational course to know yourself more deeply and create a life worth living. Deep dive into your soul and awaken to your abilities to respond to what you have created in your life. Join a small group of like minded people to discuss topics such as meditation, stress, consciousness, personal magnetism, dream programming, hypnosis and learn skills to grow so you can increase your effectiveness in the world. Get in touch with your unique gifts and living your life on purpose.  


Listen to the video to get a taste of the tools and materials for conscious reality creation:

In Self Mastery You will:

  • Attend weekly workshops going deeply into esoteric spiritual topics so you can know yourself more deeply and awaken your powers in a safe and support environment at Loft and Earth in Bondi Junction

  • Be taken through guided meditations to create change at all levels of your consciousness

  • Engage in practical exercises to build your spiritual fitness which leads to you having an unshakable core

  • Be guided in journal work to reflect on your growth

  • Learn self hypnotic techniques for conscious reality creation to achieve your goals and live your dreams

  • Join a community of like minded people who you can grow and create synergies with

  • Learn step by step processes to neutralise your stress so you can have a more calm and fulfilling existence

  • Learn your soul's purpose so you can walk, run and fly confidently in the direction of your dreams

  • Uncover limiting beliefs, self sabotaging patterns and have more loving relationships with yourself, others, your world and all that is.